Reports System

The reporting system is the most important element for the school management, so that it
is the first element for best decision, because it’s best suited and most straightforward that
reflect the correct and accurate picture to the decision-makers to make their own decisions
also have very clear follow-up of the workflow system.
Examples of reports that is provided by the system:
1. Tracking system reports, such as:
- Reports for traveled mileage.
- Reports about vehicles that exceeded the speed
- Reports about vehicles that operates outside
working Hours ( GEO Fens )
- Reports about all data and the effectiveness of the
vehicles, as well maintenance.
- Reports about non-moving vehicles and duration
of their working hours.
- Detailed Reports about all routs with a detailed
actual map showing exact locations of students.
- Reports about drivers commitment in regards the
period for the receipt and delivery of students
2. Reports about the system:
3. Reports about students, teachers and administrators,
- Detailed Reports about students grades, or by study material or by exams, or by classes.
- Reports about success rates in between classes.
- Reports about the successful students and the students with poor or low educational grades.
- Reports about teachers and their interaction with school homework.
- Reports about the teachers performance and the actual activation of student notebook and
the students interaction with their parents with them.
- Reports about the students interaction with duties and experimental exams
- Reports about results of students in the experimental exams
- Daily, weekly and monthly Reports about students attendance, according to students or classes
- Reports about student frequent absences.
- Reports about all submitted excuses and Parents interaction about that.
- Reports about the financial payments been done electronically.
- Reports about the health status of students.
- Reports about numbers of students been visiting the health clinic.
- Reports about the performance of employees in the health clinic.
- Reports about behavioral situation of students.
- Reports bout Parents how they interact with behavioral acts of their children.
- Reports bout students renewal requests.
- Reports about the numbers of school students and school seats reservation.
- Reports about the advertisement and news that is published and the interaction of parents.
- Reports about suggestion and complaints.


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